General Liability

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Business General Liability Insurance

Business General Liability Insurance Coverage General liability insurance is the first major layer of protection for claims of bodily injury or property damage against your business. All business owner policy packages require coverage of your business needs.

It is important to consider what your company requires before making a decision about general liability insurance.

  • Loss Control
    All businesses need to understand that it is critical that they must maintain a favorable loss history for business to save on general liability insurance. Loss control is defined as ... filing few or no claims, which include loss-control, premises scrutiny, or operations likely to cause a liability claim.
  • Consider a Deductible
    While deductibles are customary in most types of insurance, general liability insurance is an exception. A deductible can save you money on your premium in return for your willingness to take on a portion of the loss payment.
  • Premium Costs
    Keep in mind that additional premium costs for new service or product will have an effect on your business' general liability coverage. Failure to do so may result in a limitation in coverage.
  • Policy Audits
    When you have a policy audit, remember that other services will be reviewed and you will have to pay any additional premium resulting from those services - a surprise you want to avoid.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs
Having business liability coverage is not optional. Let TelePay help you optimize your operation and eliminate onsite work injury and legal risks.

TelePay Insurance Agency offers general liability coverage and expert advice. Let us help you discover what coverage is right for your company.

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